Explore the Animal Kingdom

by Mathieu Brassard


Let your kids go on a safari and discover the animal world anytime!

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This educational game offers an extensive collection of 100 high quality animal pictures and sounds to give your kids a rich and fun learning experience about the animal world.

This game is designed for young kids, as young as 6 months old, when your baby shows a need to touch everything! The combination of visual and auditory contents make this application ideal for learning animal vocabulary.

In portrait orientation, an animal and his name is shown. Touching the picture will reveal the sound and touching the name will play its diction. We can navigate through the animals using arrows or simply by sliding the pictures with a finger like in the photos app.

Landscape mode will fascinate your kids by giving them access to multiple animals at the time on the screen. Being able to scroll through all of the 100 animals and touching multiple at a time to create an all new symphony that will enchant everyone!

For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

(Requires iOS 6.0 or later)